College Tuesday: 5 College Bloggers to Check Out!

Just got the best surprise in my email inbox! This sweet lady is going off to college and decided to write a post about 5 college bloggers to check out, and guess who’s #3?? Me!! This is why I do what I do and hope to inspire and help incoming and current college students. Give her post a read and check out the other bloggers she wrote about as well. This seriously made my day 💕


Hey sweets!

I am down to 9 days till I start my road trip to college! It’s so close! As it gets closer, I realize that I’m a little more nervous about the move than I thought…

My biggest thing at the moment is having to leave my wonderful boyfriend behind. But I know we will do just fine 🙂

The big thing that has helped in my preparation for my move has been college bloggers! Who’s better to get knowledge from than writers who are going to college??

However, during my search for different college bloggers, I’ve had a hard time finding some. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but they have been hard to find.

Since I’ve become a college/lifestyle blogger myself, I’ve found that to find other bloggers like yourself, you really have to put yourself out there. And once I did that, I found…

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