The secret to my long eyelashes

*Warning: long post ahead, but if you want long lashes, a must read! Discount code at the end!*


I have gotten so many compliments about my long eyelashes recently and I wanted to share my secret with you because everyone can have amazing lashes! I’ve always had dark eyelashes because I have dark hair, but they were never super long. When I was younger they were thicker and longer, but when I started wearing mascara they got shorter and thinner. I always tried to make up for it by wearing lots of mascara. For years I got complimented on my eyelashes, but what people didn’t know is I would spend a good ten minutes in the morning to build up mascara to make them look like that. It got annoying, but I wasn’t myself without my eyelashes done. I looked naked.

Linda Schrieber, a Rodan and Fields Consultant, contacted me on my Instagram back in March and asked me if I wanted to try the Lash Boost serum that she sells. I was skeptical and excited at the same time. I really hoped it would work because long, thick lashes would be amazing, but it sounded too good to be true.



When I got the product I actually had it sitting on my desk in my dorm for about a week. I was honestly a little scared to try it. I’m always skeptical about beauty products and serums and cleanses that promise “amazing” results. What if it made my eyelashes fall out?? Eventually I decided to try it. Linda said that I should see results in 10 days. I used it for ten day and they got a little thicker but not longer. I put it aside and figured it was a too good to be true product and I couldn’t share it on my blog. When you read product blog posts on my site you can trust they are 100% true. I have had to tell companies that I cannot share their products because they did not work for me or it was not up to the quality expected. I figured this was just another one of those products that I couldn’t share.

Summer comes along and I took the Lash Boost up to Michigan with me. I kept hearing good things about this company so I decided to give it another shot. I needed to make sure it really didn’t work and I wasn’t just ripping someone off by getting a good product for free and not sharing it like promised. So I used it one night.

I saw amazing results the NEXT day!


(On the right picture I accidentally pulled out two eyelashes when taking off my mascara and had a bald spot)



After (without mascara):





After (with mascara):



I kept doing it for the ten days recommended and was absolutely amazed with my lashes. I could confidently walk around without mascara and everyone thought I was wearing some!

My mom was in Poland when I did the Lash Boost. The day after she came back she kept looking at me and finally asked if I was wearing any mascara when I wasn’t. I told her I was using this serum and she decided to give it a try. The same thing happened to my mom where she used it for 10 days and it just made them a little thicker. She took a week off and started using it again and they grew like crazy! I wish I thought of taking a before and after pictures of her lashes, but believe me they were really short and they’re gorgeous now! Remember, patience is key.

I would not recommend this product if it wasn’t a true miracle worker. Here’s the link to get your own Lash Boost Serum: When you’re done email with “Tori20” and she will refund you your enrollment price (value $20)!

Share your results with me by DMing my Instagram if you decide to get some! I would love to see how it helps your lashes and boosts your confidence!


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