L’Atiste Rose Gold Dress

This Rose Gold Dress from Coconut Boutique is so cute and trendy for any event where you get to dress up a little. Honestly, I could see so many sorority girls at FSU wearing this dress to formal date functions. It’s sexy, simple, and requires very little accessorizing. It’s a great dress to have in your closet to whip out for date functions, homecoming, weddings, or a fancy dinner. This color looks especially great on girls with really light or really dark skin. I swear a tan person can wear anything and look good because of their skin color, but not in this case. It would probably work best for someone who is really pale, lighter than the color of the dress. If you’re too tan you will end up just blending with the dress, but if you’re very dark skinned this will pop and look great!

You can tie the straps anyway you want, I chose criss-cross. All I paired this dress with were silver hoop earrings and nude strappy heels. There’s really nothing more you need to add. BEWARE: not the best idea to wear on a windy day though. It was very windy during the photoshoot and let’s just say the people at the marina saw a lot more than they should have. If it’s going to be windy stick the slit together with double-sided tape to prevent it from blowing apart. You can buy this dress here and take a look at more photos below:


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