Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Summer is wedding season and that means figuring out what to wear to all those weddings you’ve been invited to. I’m going to a wedding this weekend and I have had such a stressful experience trying to find a dress to wear. I ordered a dress from JCPenney that I thought was perfect. I really wanted a hot pink cold shoulder dress and I was so excited to find it at JCPenney for only $20-something. I wanted to also wear it for Easter and my mom surprised me and sent it to my dorm as an Easter gift, but the problem was that when I got it the color was different than the online photo. I was expecting hot pink, this was more of a purpley fuchsia. I still wore it for Easter, but even my mom was disappointed in the color. It was a little dull and dark and I wanted bright and happy. I don’t look great in purple. I still kept it as a contender for the wedding, but I was trying to see if I could find a similar one in a brighter pink color. THEN I found out the bridesmaids dresses were hot pink/fuschia! This changed the whole game and added to my frustration, I can’t wear the same color as the bridesmaids. I still wanted something bright and summery with either a cold shoulder or off the shoulder. There were a good 5 days in the month of May where all I did the whole day was look online for dresses and I found NOTHING. It doesn’t help that white dresses are trending this summer and all of the dresses that I liked were white, but you can see where the problem is because obviously I can’t wear white to a wedding. Everything else was either way too expensive or just boring. I started looking at smaller companies on Instagram and got a few different dresses to have options. Little boutiques are the way to go for stuff like this. I decided to create this post because I know that I’m not the only one who has faced this issue. Stay tuned to see which one I pick to wear to the wedding! Here are some ideas for dresses perfect for summer weddings (you can click on any of the photos to buy your own):

Black and blush floral print cold shoulder dress from @luvcoleboutique (I think it’s my favorite)
Multicolored sundress from @jadelynnbrooke
Periwinkle dress from @shoppinwithsailin
This romper is bright and summery. I can’t link it because I bought it from my roommate, but it can give you some ideas.
Blue aztec pattern high neck dress from @flyingcolorsapparel


Red, white, and blue off the shoulder dress from @flyingcolorsapparel
IMG_1692 (1).JPG
Here’s that “pink” dress I mentioned. It’s from @jcpenney, but I don’t see it on their website anymore.

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