My White Summer Dream

If you haven’t noticed the most popular summer trends here they are: cold shoulder, periwinkle stripes, off the shoulder, and lots of white. I’m a proponent of white all year long (yes even after Labor Day), especially since I live in Florida and everyday is summer. I was so excited to see this white trend for summer! White dresses, tops, and pants are perfect neutrals, you can add color with jewelry or shoes or leave them alone as is. I’m absolutely in LOVE with this white top from Luv Cole Boutique. I think this has become my new go to shirt. Its flattering, yet modest with the high neck line, fun with the lace bottom, and trendy with the back zipper detailing. I paired it with ripped jeans and silver hoop earrings. Let me know if you’re as obsessed with this shirt as me. You can get it for yourself here. Best part is that it’s under $35 plus you can use the code SHOPFP10 for 10% off!

I spent the day wearing this shirt in Traverse City, Michigan, the Cherry Capital of the world. We were picking my mom and sister up from the airport where they were flying in after being in Poland for three weeks visiting my grandparents. My dad and I decided to go a few hours early and walk around. Traverse City is so gorgeous! It sits on Grand Traverse Bay and when we went the water was glass. We stopped at a marina and park and took pictures. My dad took them and he’s so cute when he takes pictures. Normally parents, especially dads, just take one picture at a poor angle and call it a day. My dad was moving and taking shots from different angles and moving the camera and actually got some great photos! He was definitely needed while my mom was away. Usually my mom takes my photos, but now I have two good photographers in the family! Take a look at the photos my dad took in Traverse City in this Luv Cole Boutique top.


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