Fish Like a Girl, and Dress Like One Too


Alright ladies, fishing has always been considered a man’s sport but I know any of you are capable of out fishing a guy. Whether you’re going out alone to enjoy some peace and quiet on the water  for the thousandth time or for the first time, we all have the same problem: what the heck do we wear?! My dad taught me how to fish when I was just old enough to hold a rod on my own but I didn’t figure out an effective outfit to wear that looks good and keeps me protected until just last year. I took a friend fishing for the first time a few months ago and she had absolutely no idea what to wear. I posted a few photos on my Instagram (@thefreckledprep) of me fishing a few weeks ago and my DMs blew up with girls asking me for advice on what to wear fishing. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who found a problem with dressing to fish.


Guys get the better end of the deal when it comes to fishing clothing. Next time you’re in Bass Pro Shops I dare you to go into the men’s “Fishing and Technical Gear” clothing section and compare it to the women’s. The guys get racks of different types of fishing pants and shirts that all come in different colors, patterns, and materials. The women get a single rack of dull-colored fishing shirts, half of which are polos. Take a look at their website, the women’s “Fishing and Technical Gear” clothing section has three pages of dull and boring fishing clothing and they repeat the same few shirts throughout the page. The men’s on the other hand has seven pages of brightly colored shirts, pants, and hats that effectively protect your skin for hot days on the water. SEVEN PAGES! I thought women are the ones who are supposed to obsess over clothing. I’ll go through the men’s clothing and see shirts that I wish came in a women’s size or in a men’s XS. Men’s clothing is also cheaper than women’s. I got so frustrated once that I went into the little boys section and bought an XL fishing shirt and it’s still one of my favorites (blue shirt pictured below).


Alright, rant aside, let’s get down to what us ladies should wear. Always start with sunscreen. It is so incredibly important to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, especially when you’re on the water. Not only do you get exposure from the top, but also from the reflection on the water. My favorite sunscreen is Hawaiian Tropic Sport Ultra Light SPF 30 Sunscreen. This sunscreen absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave you with a sticky or greasy feeling, and most importantly doesn’t clog pores. I’ve tested sunscreens my whole life (I am The Freckled Prep after all) and this one is definitely my favorite.


Click here to purchase


**IMPORTANT**: put the sunscreen on at home before you go fishing and wash your hands thoroughly or put the sunscreen on with disposable gloves because if you get sunscreen residue on your bait it will affect your fishing. Fish see UV rays differently than humans so they can see that the bait looks off if you get sunscreen on it because the UV rays reflect differently off of it. If you have to reapply sunscreen then your best bet is to put gloves on when you handle your bait. If someone else is baiting your hook for you then you don’t have to worry about it, but still keep it in mind if you adjust your bait.


As far as clothing goes, you’re going to have to dress a little differently depending on what kind of fishing you’re doing and where. If you’re fishing off a boat or off land it’s going to be a little different. Make sure you dress for the weather and what kind of environment you’re fishing in, so if you’re going to have to hike through some woods before you get to the coast then I don’t recommend flip flops. If I’m fishing off a pier or bridge I’m in tennis shoes. Usually flip flops aren’t really recommended for any kind of fishing because they’re soft and you risk having a fishing hook go through your foot, but I would be a hypocrite if I said don’t wear them because I do. If I’m on a boat I’m usually barefoot. I know it’s probably not the smartest thing to do, but I like to live my life dangerously. If I can see that there is fishing equipment around that I could step on then I’ll wear shoes. Don’t be like me and go barefoot! I’ve fished enough to instinctively look under my feet for fishing hooks when I walk around my boat, but I have friends who have gotten fishing hooks through their feet because they were barefoot. If you are not fishing on a boat, NEVER even consider fishing barefoot. You will step on something and slice your foot right open. I have water shoes that look and wear like tennis shoes that I wear if I’m fishing on a boat or somewhere I know I’ll have to get in the water. I don’t have a picture of them, but any water shoe will work just fine.


SHIRT: I found the perfect fishing shirt about a year ago. It is the Under Armour Women’s Tech 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt with Iso-Chill technology. This shirt is absolutely amazing and I practically live in it when I fish because I have yet to find a shirt that even comes close to being as good. The shirt is light and breezy and keeps your protected from UV Rays. The Iso-Cool Technology actually makes you cool down as you sweat so it is perfect for a hot day out on the water. It dries really quickly so you don’t have to worry about waiting a long time for it to dry if you have to jump in the water for any reason. Also, the color is really feminine and the cut is very flattering. Can you ask for more out of a fishing shirt? The only problem is Under Armour discontinued it and I can’t find it anywhere to link it so you can buy one for yourself. I know Colombia has similar cooling technology available, but they have the same issue with unflattering women’s shirts. I recommend searching around for yourself and hopefully you will find something you love.


PANTS: As for pants, I know some people like to wear long pants fishing to protect from the sun but I always like to work on my tan on my legs while fishing. I pretty much just wear white or jean shorts or I’ll just be in my swimsuit bottoms. Just make sure you wear sunscreen because burnt legs are not fun.


ACCESSORIES: Finally, make sure you have the important little things: hat, sunglasses, and a face shield. Wear any kind of baseball cap your heart desires. I wear my Ford cap that I bought from Walmart for a whole $5. This way I don’t really care if I lose it or if it gets messed up from fishing. Just make sure you have some sort of head protection.

As for eye protection, do not cheap out on sunglasses. At the very least make sure they are 100% UV protective because you could be doing more damage than good to your eyes with cheap sunglasses. When it is bright out your pupils get smaller in order to let less light in and prevent damage, but when you wear sunglasses your pupils stay dilated and allow light to come in. If you do not have UV protection you are letting in so much more dangerous sunlight into your eyes that cause horrible damage. I do recommend paying a little extra and investing in polarized sunglasses. They reduce glare and make colors much clearer. They’re so good for driving and fishing. When you fish with polarized sunglasses you can actually see into the water and see the fish. If you want to try out how you like polarized lenses but you don’t want to pay as much as you would for a pair of Ray Bans, you can buy a pair from Gloforet for $25. Just click on the photo of them below to take you to their site. I use them and they work really well.

Click here to purchase these sunglasses.
The final accessory is kind of optional, but it is such a good thing to have for outdoor activities, including fishing on a hot and sunny day. If you spend a lot of time outside you should purchase a face shield. This covers your neck and face and protects it from getting sun burnt. Its also great for winter sports to keep your neck warm and mouth protected from the cold dry air and makes breathing easier. It keeps you cool in the heat and keeps you warm in the cold. I purchased mine from Salt Armour for like $3 so I recommend waiting for a coupon code to come up because they have deals frequently and you can get one for really cheap.

Click here to purchase


Well ladies now you can outfish the guys while staying cool, stylish, and comfortable. If you have any other suggestions please DM me on Instagram or email me at I would love to hear about what you wear fishing or any brands you love. Also, if any women’s fishing clothing brands would like to work together and collaborate please use the same email. I would love to share your products!

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