Small Town USA

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep appreciation and love for the United States of America. My parents both immigrated here from a communist country so I view the United States in a different light than most of my third and fourth generation American peers. I also go up to a small town in Northern Michigan in the summer. When I say small town I mean it has population of 600 and the closest store is Walmart which is about 30 minutes away and the next town over. We have a place on the lake where there are constant parties at the sandbar. Everyone is so patriotic and loves their country. Everyone just seems to appreciate the simple things in life and they’re all living their own American Dreams. I think this shirt from United Tees captures the essence of American living perfectly. It states “The American Dream: A Lifestyle; A Way of Life; Boating on a Sunny Day; Bonfires on the Beach; Sunsets on the Lake; Loving America; Drinking till the Sun Rises; Enjoying the Simple Things; Freedom.”  What do you think? Click on any of the photos to purchase one for yourself!



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