A Letter to a Second Semester Senior

You finally got here to your last semester of high school. Your last semester of being at home and still a kid. You’re ready to make your college decision and you can’t wait until the day you get to move out. You continuously post a countdown to graduation on Instagram and caption your #SeniorSunday pictures “can’t wait to graduate” or “90 days and counting until I’m finally done with this school”. I did the same exact thing, but here I am to tell you to slow down! You might be hearing slow down and reply with “no, you don’t understand. I’m so done with high school I just want to get out. I’ll never miss high school.” I was the exact same way. I promise that you will look back on your second semester of senior year and it will hold some of your fondest memories.

My advice is take it easy and enjoy all of it. Every single second. Enjoy the last few months that you have with your friends. Soon you will be hours apart and will only see each other every few months for only a few days. Even if you end up going to the same school your friendships will most likely be different. Even if you’re still close everything will change. Enjoy the last few months you have at home with your siblings. Go to their sports practices and help them with school projects because soon you won’t be able to. They’re going to grow up faster than you think and the next time you go home they’re going to be taller than you. Enjoy the last few months living with your parents, no matter how much they nag you. You will miss them like crazy soon! You will miss the home cooked meals and your own room. Enjoy the last few months in your hometown. I don’t care how much you hate your hometown, almost everyone I know misses where they’re from. Go to all of your final school events. Go to prom and remember every second of it. Be present in every moment. When you’re in highschool people tell you that you’re making lifelong memories, but you really don’t feel like you are until you look back on it months later and realize that your last semester of high school was actually amazing. If it isn’t going too well right now do something to make it memorable. Do something so that you look back and miss it and realize it was a great time. I know there’s a ton of stress involved with the last semester of high school, trust in the Lord that everything will work itself out. Still haven’t decided on what college you’re going to go to? Don’t worry. I was so stressed about my college decision and I didn’t pick Florida State until mid-April. It was actually my last choice and I got into my other choices, but the Lord put me here for some reason. I will have to write about my college decision story soon because it’s actually pretty incredible. I promise everything will work out, so stop stressing and have fun! Don’t rush your senior year!!! It’s probably going to be one of the best semesters of your life! If you need any advice or have any questions, I’m here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me over email or direct message me on Instagram.



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