“Forsakyn” Nude Heel


A few weeks ago I modeled the Forsakyn heel in nude from The Flawless Pair. The Flawless Pair is an online shoe company based out of Naples, Florida and has very stylish and affordable shoes in their boutique. All of their shoes are perfect for empowering girl-bosses who want to class up the basic black and white business attire look. The nude heels go with absolutely anything, pair them with jeans and a basic blouse, your Sunday best, or a formal prom dress. My recommendation for these and any nude heels or wedges is to add a pop of color somewhere in your outfit. You can see how I paired them with white pants and a bright and bold pink pea coat. This gives it a sophisticated look while still keeping things interesting. The beauty of nude heels is that they are diverse and go with almost any outfit. Sometimes you may not want that pop of color so instead you can pair them with your favorite little black dress and get the perfect cocktail look. The Forsakyn heels are a beautiful, strappy heel that make your legs look great. They are quite high (4 inches) so if you aren’t too comfortable with high heels I wouldn’t recommend trying these first. If you are not experienced with walking in heels but want to wear high heels for a special occasion like a wedding or prom, then I recommend starting with a wedge and learning how to walk heel toe before going into a regular heel or pump. The Forsakyn heels do provide added stability since they are strappy in the front versus a pump where your foot can come out when walking. If you don’t plan on walking around too much in the heels then I definitely recommend the Forsakyn heels by the Flawless Pair because they will make your legs look great and class up an outfit, I just don’t recommend walking miles in them. Take a look at my photos and outfit ideas for these shoes, give them a try for yourself and let me know what you think! Click here to shop these shoes.


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