Black “Stephany” Booties


Cute, comfortable, and affordable! These black “Stephany” booties from The Flawless Pair are a great shoe to add to your closet. Before I got these my only pair of booties were nude. The black booties, however, are such a great addition because they add an edgy and trendy look to any outfit you pair with them. You can see how I paired them with a flowy, dark blue off the shoulder dress. I normally wear this dress with cowboy boots because it has that boho country look perfect for a country concert. I honestly didn’t think it would pair well because I was afraid the dark blue and black would clash, but instead the booties gave it a trendy look and actually added a lot to the dress. I would now wear this dress paired with these booties for a night out. They’re definitely perfect for that because they have padding in the heel and near the toes so they are a comfortable alternative to other heels. The thick heel also makes them pretty sturdy, but be warned they have a 4 inch heel which is a bit high for booties. Just remember to walk heel to toe and you should be ok, I was walking around in them for about an hour when I was doing my photoshoot on Fifth Avenue in Naples, FL and they didn’t hurt my feet very much. If you do buy these shoes and are wondering about sizing, they run pretty standard and maybe even a little big. Buy them in the same size you would buy a flat sandal. So for example, I wear a 7.5 in sandals but I wear a 8/8.5 in tennis shoes and boots so I thought to get the half a size up. They were a little loose. If you get them fitted better they will be more sturdy and easier to walk in. Click here to go take a look at The Flawless Pair website and try them out for yourself!


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